Elisha’s mum shares with us her daughters journey through Move with Me (2-3 years) and Dance Magic (3-5 years)

” Elisha was an introverted child, shy and clingy when she started her first dance class at age 2. Suffering from a speech delay, she was often frustrated at her inability to communicate. Elisha and I joined “Move With Me”at Jane Grech Dance Centre – a class for 2-3 year olds also involving the parent and including singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. I found after attending classes for a few weeks that Elisha spoke and sang the most whilst at dance class! She looked forward to dancing each week, absolutely adored her teacher and was happiest at dance, where she could express herself through music and movement.Elisha transitioned easily to “Dance Magic”, a class without parent participation for 3-5 year olds. Elisha went happily into class knowing I was there in the waiting room and that she was safe and cared for. By the time Elisha was due to start kindy, she was well prepared. Her ability to follow instructions, wait her turn and separate into the class room with no tears or fuss was amazing! She has performed in dance concerts we never thought she would and has made some wonderful friends at dance.
My little girl who was painfully shy and Mummy-clingy, is now quietly confident and independent. I am positive dance has helped her develop all the skills she needed to get her where she is now, ready to begin school and start the next chapter in her learning journey.” Belinda Carter 

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