Why can’t I watch my child’s class?

It is important to us that you are present at your childs first class. After this point we have found that dance class is a good step to ‘first independence’: quite often it is the first activity a child has participated in without their parent. Dance class is an ideal platform for this discovery as it provides a safe, secure and predictable environment for little people to shine. We hope that our series of ‘Open Days’ and Performances helps you also be part of the dance experience.

We understand that you want to be part of your child’s dance experience, and particularly when children are little, parents have expressed a desire to be able to watch weekly class.  We have found that when parents are present in class children often ‘act up’, children also run to parents ‘for a hug’ (etc) and siblings can be noisy which disturbs the class flow. At times we found that parents also enter into conversations on the side lines which interrupts the children’s and teachers concentration. In addition, many prams and chairs in the studio creates safety issues for the dancers.

Student Safety

When you enrol your child, you will be asked to provide medical and emergency information. This information is confidential, however Dance Centre staff will have a copy of it with them at all classes. Each teacher is trained in First Aid, is provided with a First Aid Kit and has access to a phone. Please note that some physical contact may be necessary by a Dance Centre teacher to demonstrate exercises or techniques during class or if there is a need to administer first aid.


Please be assured that any personal information you provide is kept strictly confidential. It is communicated to all teachers as a safety requirement, but is not handed to any third parties not associated with the school.

Complaints and Difficulties

If you feel concerned about your child’s dance tuition, or have any questions, it is very important that you contact the Creative Director, Jane Grech. If we are not made aware, then we have no opportunity to rectify any problems, or share the rationale on which a decision was based. Please do not speak to the teachers regarding any complaints. Complaints are to be made in writing to:

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